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An Interactive Web Documentary by Joachim Eggers and Axel Warnstedt

Namati’s World – The Dreams and Fears of a Young Coral in the South Pacific

Spectacular underwater video footage, a chance to collect starfish, and a story full of suspense. In Joachim Egger’s web documentary, Namati, a young brain coral, invites kids of all ages to help collect the starfish that threaten her and other coral. She also tells the story of her amazing experiences off the coast of Pele Island in the Pacific archipelago nation of Vanuatu. At 114 years of age, Namati is still a child. Brain corals can live to be over a thousand years old - that is, if they can withstand the effects of global climate change such as the warming of the world’s oceans. And if they can survive the attack of the dreaded Sea Monsters!

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Joachim Eggers

Video & Photography

Axel Warnstedt


Christoph de Babalon



Philipp Kleinschmit


Neue Medien

Sound Effects

Jan-Christoph Wolter

Concept, Creation & Realization

Promotion & Design, Neue Medien

Project Coordination

Neue Medien

Executive Producer

Manuela Kasper-Claridge